Hello, I’m Siew and I’m a designer based in Singapore. I write a lot for a designer, and I’m happy about that.

It’s been a while since I made a not-just-a-portfolio site, so I’m testing and changing things as I go along. My requirement: easy to update with both longer content and on-the-fly ideas! (April 2019: Turns out this blog is 80% about the books I’m reading. I don’t mind it.)

I would like to hear your feedback and ideas; @rewols on Twitter or send me an email at rewols[at]

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Things that spark joy for me

The internet, smart and useful copy, design surprises, working out a complex flow, funny ads, dog pictures, dog videos, cold weather, Japan, books, Grey’s Anatomy, remembering a forgotten idea, airports, Two Dots, Deliveroo, sashimi, and seaweed.

Things I do that surprise/annoy people

Checking in on Swarm, buying books on both Kindle and in the bookstore, taking photos on film cameras, having a messy desk, not writing cards for gifts, playing Pokemón GO, having an uncountable number of apps on my phone, and not liking chocolate and cake.

In 2019

I’m reading more, writing more here (and there), and thinking more.

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🙋🏻‍♀️ Looking for a portfolio?

You can also email me rewols[at]

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👋🏼 An experiment of sorts

I often wonder what recruiters or hiring managers or fellow designers really look for in a portfolio, and if there is any other content that would be helpful for them (you!). Please share your opinions!