What I Read Last in 2018


This is going to hurt
Adam Kay

This was mostly a-laugh-a-page. Highly entertaining, and a great look into the NHS in the UK.

Not all fun here, and some stories recounted here were heartbreaking. And much kudos to the medical professionals who deal with these amid the crazy, crazy hours.



Tien Tzuo

So. Subscription model is the next big revenue model, or rather, it already is.

Good book for getting up to date on the model, the shift from product to subscription, examples of who have implemented it (well and not so well), and the various business and operational considerations involved.

Jessica Lessin, co-founder of The Information on advertising (as quoted in the book): “I still believe it’s much safer to build a business that doesn’t need any advertising to subscribers. Doing so forces you to focus 100% on your value to your readers.

While the quote was made in reference to the media industry, I’d like to think that it’s applicable and well worth emulating across all industries.



Bad Blood
John Carreyrou

Absolutely enjoyed this. Could not put this down. Couldn’t had asked for a better book to end the year and start a new one.

Still aghast at the amount of conceit that went on, and at the toxic culture at Theranos.

How easy is it to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? Terrifyingly, you seem to only require a strong belief and a forceful personality. Facts and evidence — they are merely inconvenient truths.