To reading more in 2019

Last month, I logged into Goodreads after what seemed like and what actually was a couple of years. My last login before last week was in 2014! (It was also a little surprising to see that the site has not changed much! I’m sure things under the hood have been updated, but I guess I was hoping for a little more pizzazz on the front too.)

Between 2014 - 2018, I’ve read plenty but without an online record reminding me of the same, I only have my own and possibly unreliable memory and my overflowing bookshelves to assure me that I’ve not stopped reading. What I do know for sure though, are that my reading preferences have changed.

I’m also happy that the topics I read about have increased greatly, and I hope to continue slowly expanding my bookshelf classification categories (I kid, what classification).

This year, I’m aiming to hit a modest target of starting and finishing 30 books. I got to a great start last week by completing 3 books. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Any reading recommendations would be much appreciated!